been raining so have been couped up in the house and my mind is ablaze with different ideas and ask myself WHY NOT? it should work.
IDEA -- a source for good but easily cobbled together 3/4" (20mm) hubs with 36 or 48 spokes. NOTE have yet to see ANY 3/4" hubs w/ 48 holes.
using 1 1/4" rigid electrical conduit w 1.375id, cut to desired length (3" is a good figure)
Procure a quantity of 1 1/2" steel washers. The ID is usually 1 5/8" or there about's. Check before purchase so as to limit the amount of grinding of the ID. to fit onto the OD of the electrical conduit. Some knurling of the ID using a center punch will snug up the fit.
Using flanged bearings either 5/8" id bearings or 3/4" bearings. Remember that most zombies are using 5/8" grade 8 bolts for the axles and adding a bushing so 5/8" bearings should suffice?

PFR-2214-2RS 5/8" Flanged Rubber seal Bearings Bore 5/8" / .625
BIN No. 100820

PFR-2214 -2RS 3/4" Bearings
BIN No. 100840

drill out the washers for spokes and relieve the holes as per Delta Wolf plans then weld to the conduit.
This has yet to be tried but it should work. I plan to try in near future.
use this calculator to determine your spoke length