Update ! Buying cut-off discs

I have been buying my 'flap discs' from the below link.


But for those that like to frequent Harbor Freight, for certain things, this might tweak your interest.

Current sale on 40 grit, metal cut off wheels, with a 'Super Coupon'. Pack of 10, @ $4.99 each.
(Max purchase 5 packs)(Item # 61195/45430, $7.99 regular price)


Current price @ Heleta, $6.70 for a pack of 10. (Plus flat $7.00 shipping)

Look for the (Super Coupon) coupon, which was good until the end of September.
My coupon came in the monthly flyer, I receive at home.

I am using these up fairly quick, so today, I bought 5 packs. That should hold me for awhile.