On a delta trike, how do you secure the rear axles against side forces? It seems to me that the lateral forces that push or pull the rear wheels (and hence the axles) sideways when cornering are substantial, yet I donít find much discussion specifically about this aspect of securing the axles. Iíve read the AZ plans, looked in this forum, and also tried to figure out how commercial delta trikes have handled this issue, but without having the actual mechanisms or detailed drawings in front of me I still feel like Iím half guessing.

It seems that a lot of people here use pillow block bearings and it appears that they just crank down on the bearing set screws to hold the axle in place. I donít really like the sound of that because: A) It doesnít seem all that strong or secure; B) The set screw will press a divot into the axle making fine adjustment difficult; and C) The divot could make it difficult to slide the axle back thru the bearing.

Iím not opposed to spending some money on a high quality solution, but I also feel like I must be missing something obvious and simple here. Any other methods for this besides the set screws?