Hi all

Well after 1700 miles on my first Python trike it is time to address some of it's niggling problems.


a) I don't think 2 brakes on the front wheel is a good idea , it is dangerous should you lock up the front wheel or as I had a rapid front tyre deflation at speed.[ a brake on each rear wheel is the solution ]

b) I don't like hardshell seats , I now have a aluminium frame mesh seat.

c) rear wheels cannot fit through bike barriers like these:-

So to maintain the current track this means the rear wheels need canting inwards , this will have one good and two bad consequences.

The good - well it also moves the axle in towards the centre so they will clear barriers instead of sticking out beyond the tyre [ picture later to explain this ]

The bad (1) - the trike will need to be longer as my elbows currently rub the wheels as the current trike is very swb.
The bad (2) - this additional length will stop me getting both the trike and a passanger in the car at the same time [ I have not used this feature much , however the bike barriers impact on my riding at least once a week ]

This added length will enhance it's lugguage capacity which will be welcome although it does mean I will need mudguards on the rear wheels

d) attempt to make it lighter

The beauty of the Python is that it can be seperated at the pivot so I can build a new rear end and add the old front end to get it on the road quickly.

Then I will build a new front end to address some of the problems with the existing one.

a) far to complicted structure and heavy because of it.
b) to complicated with 4 controls on the front piece , rear brakes will remove 2 of these simplfying the front.
The upside to this will be a lighter front end [ I hope ] and it should be easier to change the front wheel which is currently a struggle.