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I have the same dilema as DBarton. Perhaps I have a touch of OCD but I am following the parameters laid out in the cyclebully PDF. I wonder why a 450 watt hubmotor was spec'd, it seems to be rarer than hens teeth. Would a 400 watt motor be close enough? Is a 350 too puny to push a timberwolf delta trike? I am looking more for range than speed. Do 4-12volt batteries offer any advantage over three 12 volts?
As these plans are guideline and not actually specific you can use what ever is within your budget and legal. For Example in California I believe 750 Watts is max motor rating allowed. Please check that. The Fed limits are 25mph assist in the USA. But each state has its own limits. If your looking to use a Hub motor you may wish to look at some of Emma's trikes and hub motors. She was limited 250 watts till recently. Now I believe it is 250 watts continuous. So you use what you can. As to batteries- 3 in series is 36V where as 4 in series would be 48 Volts. What sort of range are you looking. Seal Lead Acid SLA's are heavy and there is a definite range difference in using Lifepo's due to usable energy verse weight. See Emma's reports aka Twinkle.