Hi Folks,

I am getting to the chain management part of my Fox build and being my first ever AZ project I thought I would ask before deviated from the plans.

I mocked up a quick seat just as a template and I have been looking at the chain route. I have a question whether I would be better off with one or two idlers on the drive side of the chain ? And if two (which I should say I am erring towards) what, if any, effect would that have apart from the additional friction. Are there any gotchas with this setup I am not seeing ?

Here I have tried to estimate the chain route with one idler using some string. It clears the seat OK, but I think I may get problems at the frame pivot joint when it low gears.

So I have added the second idler behind the seat. Using this second seems it puts the chain in what looks like a better position for the rear cassette. I am also planning of leaving a little lateral travel in the idlers so that the chain can find its own optimum position.

On the return side I am considering management by means of a disassembled rear mech. i.e. the jockey wheels. Put somewhere on the main boom to stop the return side of the chain sagging down.

Any comments much appreciated. Pictures of working results would be the greatest help (speaking a thousand words and all that).