Hi, I am going to build my first bike and for some guidence, i got the Warrior plans. I find it a very good looking bike and I think i stay close to the original one.
I am now looking ad it to make a parts and matterial list for what i need to order.
Now was i looking ad the plans and I don't see any where the size of the wheels.
In front I think 20 inch but i don't find any info of the rear wheel. As I look ad the images, I would say that it is a 26 inch.
I made a 3d model with the sizes and it looks more that the rear is a 22 inch wheel.

I found a nice 20 inch wheel. It is a freestyle wheel with 14mm axle in it. It is about 39 euro a piece.
I am on a small budget, so I must choose my parts on price. I will look ad quality and maybe use parts of the 3 donor bikes i get till i have the money to upgrade the parts.

Only thing I don't know how I will do the seat. I am thinking of metal as base with something softs on it. But this will come later.