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    Quote Originally Posted by darnthedog View Post
    If your talking a Spirit Bike I would avoid an underseat basket as it would interfer with standing up or possibly just operating the cycle. Your Chain line runs down there as well. The Spirit would make a great first project. The 650b wheel is really just an oversized 26" wheel. Sort of like the 29"r are nothing more than an over sized 700C tire. And I have seen a 2 wheeled 26 inch Spirit project already. He may have even used 27 inch wheels. I don't recall. As to a rack on back of the Spirit that has also been done. Although I don't recall whom did either of those projects. So the modification your looking to do are possible. You'll just have to adjust to them.

    A couple question for curiousity sake- How much of a load are you looking to carry? How far are you going to commute and under what type of conditions? Hilly-flat- path or Street? You may also want to consider a trike to build up and add a body for foul weather riding. I hate riding in any form of rain or cold. So I'm work on a Timberwolf to carry my work cloths and lunch. Plan to enclose a body on it. It is not very far along yet. I'll be using 29" rear wheels as I hope to travel a bit faster than my max 21mph on my upwrong I ride now.
    Day to day load would be under 15-20lbs. Work at a rec center so we're looking at thermos of coffee, lunch/snacks, uniform and not much else plus tube/patch it, lock, emergency rain gear etc. Outside of that light grocery runs, would use a trailer for anything heavier.

    Looking to move closer to take advantage of the bike path. Commute would be 6-12 miles one way, mostly on path. Once the trail finishes, it opens up more living options and potentially more miles.

    Here's a good example of what I would like to do with dual racks:
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