Hey folks,

Joined the site in 2009. Started first recumbent build last Saturday. Life tends to get in the way of these kinds of projects, I'll spare you the details.

My build: cross between the HighRoller and the Voyageur, hence the project name V-Roller.
SWB 'bent, 26"-20", rear suspension, underseat steering, round tubing.

So far I've got the main boom and the rear suspension triangle together, the back seat support and the seat itself. I haven't welded in many moons and was never very good to begin with, so my initial welds got me wondering if I shouldn't change my pseudo to "Gawdawfulwelds". But I have progressed since and I firmly believe that there is hope. Pictures below:

Some of the junk I'll be using:

Fishmouth, looking pretty:

Ugly tack:

Rear suspension and seat support in place:

Another angle:


Cool crocodile skin vinyl (they can do anything with genetic engineering these days):

They had it in silver and white too.

Today's challenge: the front forks and head tube. I'm going with a 70° angle, as this seems to be commonly recommended and looks reasonable. Just have to determine how far back from the crank to put it. I'm starting with the measure in the HighRoller plans from the back of the boom to the head tube; I'll adapt from there, depending on the gazillion variables that will pop up.

Wish me luck!