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Oddly, I got the rear end already done, and although it makes me nervous to think that I welded it, it seems to hold up to me standing and bouncing on it. (Which I realize is a poor test of weld strength...) I still might reinforce it with some brackets and whatnot.
I'd say you are pretty much done with the hard part then. If you can stand on it and it looks OK, I'd ride it (not a recommendation, just me). The nice thing about steel (as opposed to Al) is that it usually gives you some warning before it fails completely. I'd just ride it under 10 or 12 mph and keep an eye on it for a few hundred miles. Inspect the welds for cracks periodically.

If you take a picture or two of the welds in question, the members here will always give you their opinion. Don't worry we have all posted some pretty ugly welds.