Ok I know I have another build on at the moment, but there are too many road bikes around right now that pass me so I want a fast machine to take them on.
Unfortunately my front runner got the better of me, but I kind of like the building, so no great loss as this project now has all the bits I need for a highroller.
Only one week in and this is where I am up to.

I have a question though, I really wanted to quietly build and paint this and post finished images, but I have a question.
You will be able to see that the seat is both moveable and removable, so I can put the finished machine in my car for transporting.

With having no rear stay to the seat is fine, the seat is very well supported, my slight concern is do I need to add some more support to the rear forks for strength?

Here is one idea I have

The orange and red is actually the same piece basically a short set of forks to provide a hoop over the wheel. This is joined to the main frame with the blue piece.

I want to provide a mounting point for the rear mudguard so I am going to use the orange red blue addition for this also.

Thoughts please