Although I spent most of the day fixing my daughter-in-laws bicycle that she uses to go to work (swapped out the back wheel with the bent axle and set-up both the front & rear Dérailleurs and adjusted her brakes) I did get some "me" time on the StreetFox.

  • Managed to get at least some braking on the front left wheel by extending the brake-pad out with some spacers. -Thanks guys for the tips and pointers.
  • Cobbled together an upper back support to see how it felt and if the engineering approach was good - all OK, very comfy.
  • Attempted the fitting of a rack but the bolts provided are too long and not the right gauge. Will run a tap through the threaded holes in the dropout's to clean them up and cut down some Stainless Steel bolts to suit.

Can't/won't go out without a rack as I need to take essential repair stuff with me in case of a breakdown (until I am confident the Trike is sound). A smaller chain-set offering 42-34-24 rings is on it's way.
I have figured out how to provide a decent "chain-return" solution with no welding or recourse to paintwork perversion.

On another note.......

The ride feels fine but my knees are letting me know about my pedalling, with a little bit of pain and this worries me a bit.
The new chain-set has smaller cranks (150mm instead of the 170mm that are there at present).
Also, is it normal to zig-zag a tiny-bit when pedalling or is this just my "early-days" behaviour on a recumbent.