Hi all

just closure on this thread , it is ridable and I have done a couple of errands on it.

Perhaps not mega tall , but plenty tall enough for this old dude !

I have done a couple of controlled crashes on it.

Had a lot of trouble keeping the left pedal on , which proved to be awkward as that was used for getting on and off , seemed I could not get my brain to accept I could dismount on the right side , ain't brains funny

Crashed once when negotiating those barriers to a cycle way , going up hill just lost to much speed to allow safe perambulation and down I came onto some grass so no harm done.

2 people have ridden it already and both liked it , which is rather strange as I don't care for it much , there is also a strange thing where when riding it on your own there are no reference points as to how high you are and both the people who rode it tried to put their feet down whilst in the saddle would have worked as well if their legs had been about 10" longer

all for now Paul ...so many bike to butcher and so little time .....