Despite the lack of a full & complete braking capability (no brake on LH-Front yet) I hazarded a little street-ride "round the block" so to speak.
A very different "feel" from an UPWONG indeed.
It will take a bit of getting used to I am sure, so I think I will elect to take it to "off-road" parking lots etc. while I learn to properly control it. I would not want to endanger anyone else.

A nice man is going to weld closed the end of a V-Brake so I can convert it to working the other-way round and complete the brakes, a quill is on-order so I can complete an upper back-rest.
All the whit zip-ties will be replaced by nice shiny black ones.
Then it will need a rear-rack so I can take essential emergency tools with me wherever I go.

Here are a couple of pictures.

Nearly there.