So I have been looking at picking up my 3rd and final bike for my streetfox build and came across something that caught my interest in the classifieds, the seller wanted $50 I offered quite a lot less and then while I was waiting for an email reply did a little research.

Now it might not look like anything special, and I guess it isn't really but after a bit of research I've decided to not chop it up but to restore it to its former glory. Why? Well I'm Australian and so is the bike. It's a Ricardo Bushbike, this one is a 1989 model. The frame was made by hand in a factory in South Australia, They only made them for two years and then started to import the frames to compete with the cheaper chinese imports, they also got rid of all the cool things and nice Shimano bits that make it a little special. If you look carefully you can see some of them, like the under frame rear brake and elliptical chainrings, gone after two years..

Hopefully it will be a nice ride and retro cool As well as saving a little bit of Australiana, should be picking it up tomorrow.

So, any other donors you couldn't bare to chop?