Rick, I am in Taylor, right up the road from you!

I recently got tired of trying to ride my DF. I used to ride a lot, then took about 5 years off. I have had a hard time getting back into riding because the pain is too much! I bought a BikeE as an experiment (got it pretty cheap) and have been riding multiple times a week again and enjoying the scenery. Now I am looking for a little more performance.

I'm thinking of building a Spirit, but I sure would like to see some ride reviews of the bike. How does it climb? How about handling? Is it decently fast on the flats? Anybody have any comparisons against other SWBs out there?

I've considered buying a SWB, but building one would be much more fun, I just don't want to finish the project and be expecting it to be something that it is not.

I've built all my DF bikes from used frames/forks and components, but I have not done any welding. I've been wanting an excuse to buy a welder though, it sure would help on my car projects!

Anyway, glad to see there is a lot of activity here. Thanks in advance for all of the good info!