I've been lurking a bit but have now been virtually bitten by an atomic zombie and have decided to go forth with my first build so thought I'd better introduce myself.

I'm from Manchester and was a keen cyclist prior to becoming I'll and consequently disabled. I miss cycling terribly so have been looking for a way to get back on a pedal powered vehicle that I can operate easily and happened upon the idea of a self build recumbent, which ultimately led me to AZ. I have rather limited mobility and energy so the idea of cycling whilst sitting down and having somewhere to sit when I rest appeals greatly. I don't have a lot of cash and need to save what I can as I'm unlikely to work again so a self build bent seems like the perfect option.

I won't be building my ride myself as my dad is an engineer and would be mortally offended if I didn't let him in on the act. He doesn't know much about bikes though so I shall be accumulating the bits and overseeing the project. I'm going for a streetfox design with USS and a few modifications. I need a big luggage rack on the back and a way to clip my crutches on. I'll also be looking for mega comfy seat options as I have back problems so need a lot of support and cushioning.

I have a friend nearby that deals in bikes and bike parts and a back room full of bike carcasses that I never got round to building up so I've pretty much got most bits sorted.

I'll be posting my progress in the build subforum. Wish me luck!