In the process of planning and accumulating parts/materials for what I hope will be a no-weld tadpole trike as I don't own a welder, but we'll see. The neighbours are probably wondering why I have so many bikes beside my shed... hoping to use only repurposed materials/bike parts for the major components, though I will likely buy disk brakes if I can't find any off of kijiji, etc.

Living just outside Moncton, and kinda getting excited, although this is project # 298 on my list of things i need/want to get done around here.

Looking forward to hearing from folks.


p.s. the username is one i used on an aquarium site that I didn't intend to get involved with, and ended up the club's vice-president and forum admin for a few years, so now I use it for the irony factor... I don't answer to bubba in real life though C.