I'm interested in building a loderunner. My needs are a bit unusual. I live 6 miles down a rather rough, gravel road. I also have a severely disabled son who lives with me. We both weigh about 250 lbs.

1) I'm not sure if a is the loderunner would handle my road well. I'm wondering if bigger wheels and a front fork suspension would help.

2) I think electric assist would be rather nice(I'm thinking an electrified front wheel).

3) I'd like to know just how long one of these takes to fabricate. A local mechanic will help for $40/hour-but I need to be clear with him what I want up front.

4) My son is unlikely to help peddle. I've thought of putting a passenger seat on for him.Another option is to build a trailer which is essentialy another load runner modde'd to be pulled(And with its own electric assist).

5) I live in an area that gets a lot of rain. The Velomobile plan here are interesting-but thats seems like an involved project that isn't as well established as the load runner.

I'd appreciate thoughts here.