WOW ! ! ! This website is addictive. I wish I had discovered it sooner.

In addition to the many enjoyable hours reading messages on this forum, both new and old,

I also read and re-read the six plans I bought here, recently. I am really getting my monies worth.

I would like to build a delta style trike like either the loderunner or possibly the Timberwolf, and

especially like the fact that the freewheel adapters and 24 hole hub flanges are available

right here on this site. I donít have a car so itís great to find items I need on the internet and

have them delivered to my door.

Something I couldnít find in either the plans or this forum was information on the freewheel cog sets in use by builders of

these trikes. From my very limited research on this, it appears that

a freewheel hub canít accommodate more than seven sprockets. However, with a a three wheel chain ring

that would mean a total of 21 speeds which I imagine would be more than adequate here in south Florida

where hills are few and far between.

Iím looking forward to hearing about your choice of sprockets on both the hub and on the chainring.

Part numbers would be great. Thanks for your suggestions.