Is there such a thing as an easy build, or easier build.
I have now built 7 bikes/quads/trikes, some have worked, some have not.
Really keen to build a front runner as my first ever build was based on a staiger airbike - the result too scary to ride.

Anyway i have by default built a bike to plan, then a more off the wall heavily adapted from plan bike, then a bike from plans etc. etc.

Now to follow this pattern, i am going to build a Front Runner and have been buying all the parts i need before i start.
Wheels 26" with smooth tyres and mechanical disc brakes.
Gearing 8 speed 32/11 cassette
Front chain ring 28/38/48 (for speed hopefully)
Donor Bike - girls frame mountain bike.
Seat - fibre glass one with seat cover.

Looking at my pile of other donor bikes, i realised i had a cheap full suspension framed bike, the rear triangle part for the back wheel even includes a disc brake mount - incredible bonus.

So here is what i am thinking, use all of this rear triangle part.
Add piece "A" which bolts into the suspension mount just like the top truss mount on the original plans. The rear triangle will be welded to the lower end of the bikes original forks.
Click image for larger version. 

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Then add two pieces "B" to replace the crank boom in the original plans.

At the rear end, i have found by a bit of careful force, a front wheel can be fitted into the rear forks.
The seat post tube, can then be used to support my fibreglass seat, and later on a bike rack can be easily fitted.

I am keeping the middle section idea of the extendable section, although i do have a folding shopper bike hinge i could use - mmmm more thinking to do.

Will post some more mock up pictures, but in the meatime
Please let me know the collective AZ wisdom if you think this front end arrangement will work.