I guess an update is in order as I have been quiet (at least on this thread ) for a while.
There is no news! We have a builders team attack this place with the idea of improving insulation for winter. With -14 C in winter that would seem a good idea. But when we only have about 3x15 feet of brick that is considered outside wall, there is little to gain.
The rest is either double glazed, or will never get insulated because it looks like inside wall.
How does this affect the Tandem ?
Well, we are now surrounded by scaffolding, and it is impossible to get the tandem out without taking it apart, and even then I have my doubts. So it now sits in the phone booth waiting.
The trike suffered the same fate--it had to be moved or be covered in builders mess, so it was rapidly pulled apart, and is now resting against the wall in the phone booth. Problem there is that we go to Australia in two weeks, and when we get back in November, it is tooo XXX cold to think of riding for fun!
So this may be the last progress report on the Tandem until it gets warmer next year!!!!!
There is one new thing that has happened .
Our daughter paid a visit yesterday, and after jumping on the tandem (on the stand) announced that it made a good exercise bike!
So, with a few bits of card board in the spokes, it may have a useful life over winter.
Wife is interested in the idea of free weight loss, so maybe progress reports will follow!
The trike is grounded until the insulation work is finished (and maybe until it gets warmer.)
When we return from Australia we expect to drop from 27 C to 7 C just getting off the plane!
Thats all for now , folks,
Steve G,