Nearly done

Seat post and seat moved back, suspension re aligned. Drop outs replaced with proper ones, deraileur bracket welded on. Front boom cranked down.

Cranking the front boom down went very easy until I had to weld the four side, blew a hole in it welding the seam, due to impatience took me 4 welding rods and numerous bits of scrap before the hole was filed.

Rides loads better, mainly due to dropping the pedal height vs seat, don't get all creased up peddling anymore.

Still have to put a chain keeper on my idlers and build a return idler, all my bits of hosepipe are to narrow and stiff to work smoothly.
Trying to avoid having to reweld my deraileur post by I am getting contact with the deraileur arm on the small cog due to the angle change from moving the boom.

Darnthedog I have got a pretty broad range of gears on my chainset but where I live they are insufficient - I live in Chamonix in the french alps a 1000ft change in elevation can be found heading round the corner to the store , so no chance of going with one chainwheel upfront - not with scavenged components anyhow.