I have only used a stick/arc welder. In the absence of a tutor, there is no better tutor than experience, but you still have to be aware of the process and learn from the results. You can easily burn through thin metal with a stick welder - only if it gets too hot, Too high an amp setting, too long in the one spot, or the end of the stick too far from the work will cause it. If there is a fear of burn through, a number of spot welds first usually helps as they allow the heat to spread. After many years of not using it for anything, I had to re-acquaint myself with it and virtually learn all over again. The memory didn't help much.

As you are learning, you can start learning on whatever type of welder you like - or have. Regardless of what you choose, it is like playing a musical instrument or writing a computer program. The more you use it, the better you should get. Leave it alone for an extended period and you'll have to get used to it again.

I have often said to myself, "Give me the instructions and I can do anything." This has worked for me and there are plenty of welding instructions, hints, etc., on this site and the Internet in general. Gain some knowledge first, talk to or go and see others who weld and see how they go about it. Get some metal and start practising. Best of all, try and have fun.

Kevin - VK3CKC.