Hello. yeah, its me again. i seem to having problems all over the place. lol.
help! i was preparing the rear frame of a suspension bike for the cycle bully and tried to unscrew the pivot tube with a hex driver, but the screw got threaded instead. so in a fit of madness, i decided to use an angle grinder and cut off the end hoping to pry the joint loose somehow, well it didnt work. now i am once again at a stand still not sure what to do. is there a way to get the pivot tube without cutting the framing(yellow part) and having to re-weld it again?
how do i get replacement parts for pivot thingys on the end. in fact, i might have to replace that whole part. i dont know. i dont know the exact names for this part. when i goggle up pivot tube, it doesnt appear like the same thing
or do i have to get a whole 'nother frame?