Well I have finnaly came to post and introduce myself. 2 months ago after researching recumbent bikes ( can no longer ride uncomfortable uprights due to sustained injuries) I tummbled here, and been hooked. I have always had a dream of owning a bent and or chopper and with your help it will come a reality. I myself am a woodworking guy been all my life so this is all new and hard to grasp ie metal fab, welding kinda still scares me

You guys also show that you do not need millions of awsome tools and a crazy shop, being on disability and seeing it can be done without it all or tons of money is awsome.

With no garage and the nice weather comming i can finnaly stop being a forum troll and put the 4-5 donors i have to use and make something.

This forum is great filled with all your guys post,ideas,pics. The fact that Brad and Katy have shared there ideas and plans is amazing.


P.s for those who what to know Whitby is about 30 mins east of Toronto