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    Default Aluminum High Roller

    I am starting work on my High Roller this weekend. My goal is to have a fast and relatively light recumbent bicycle. I just finished stripping the donor bike down. Tomorrow I will chop up the frame and if I have time, I will practice welding on some scrap metal then weld the rear fork on to the boom.

    I uploaded a picture of the donor bike. I would use an image hosting site but they are blocked at my work and I do browse this forum at work (on my breaks of course ).

    I needed very specific items for my High Roller and I got very lucky that I was able to find most of the parts I needed from one bike off of Craigslist for $150.

    • Aluminum 6061 frame
    • 700c wheels
    • Trigger Shifters
    • 8 speed or better freewheel
    • Triple gear crank

    As a bonus and slight complication, the donor came with disc brakes. This is great for the rear but it means I can't use the aluminum front fork that I already bought. I don't want to use the front fork that came with the donor because it is too heavy and I don't need the suspension. Because of this I had to order another fork from eBay. I quickly learned that there is no such thing as an aluminum fork for a 700c wheel that has a disc brake mount. They only come in CroMo or carbon fiber. So I ordered carbon fiber since it was only $20 more than the CroMo forks. I will probably use the aluminum fork that I have for my Spring project, a Tomahawk.

    I already bought all of the metal that I need. Most of it is 1/8" 6061 aluminum. According to my rough calculation it should be just as strong as 16 gage steel but about 20% lighter. I know my welds are not going to be the pretty professional stack of dime welds. I will probably have a bunch of caterpillar welds. I am going to leave the metal bare and polish it when I am done. I hope it turns out looking good. If not, I can always paint it later.

    I am excited to start this project. I don't plan to be done until mid to late January. Don't expect daily updates. I will post pictures as I go. I will probably ask a lot of questions too.
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