The Flying Dutchman Cargo bike brings an entirely new dimension to the Dutch style load carrying bicycle. With dual suspension, a recumbent seating position, and the ability to carry hundreds of pounds, the Flying Dutchman is the king of load carrying two wheelers, able to move practically anything you can fit into the cargo bay. The cargo bay is completely adaptable to just about any type of load you may need to move.

The entire building process is designed to allow anyone with a Do-It-Yourself desire to finish the Flying Dutchman Cargo Bike without requiring previous bike building experience or specialized tools and skills. The plan is laid out in a format that makes customization or alternate parts usage possible, so you can create your very own unique load carrying two wheeler from the parts you have on hand.

The Flying Dutchman weighs less than a truck spare tire and uses no fuel, yet can move a load as heavy as a refrigerator with very little effort. The bottom bracket is also adjustable to accommodate riders of varying heights and leg lengths. The smooth rolling recumbent design is comfortable for the long haul, stable at most speeds, and allows a good vantage point for busy city usage. Leave that gas guzzler at home and move your cargo under human power alone!