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    mrscotty Guest

    Default 20" Wheel - 68 Spokes!

    Looking to start my first build with a Kyoto Cruiser and looking for 20" wheel sources. I think trikeman has cleared out all the thrift stores around here as I have come up empty handed in the Smyrna, GA area.

    From my research here and elsewhere, it sounds like a good price for a 20" wheelset runs around 40 to 50 bucks per wheel. Is that what most folks are paying?

    I was looking around online and saw at wally world a 20 inch bmx bike with 68 spoke wheels for $59.66!

    If I plan to lace these to my own hub flanges (after drilling out all those holes) then all I really need is the rim and spokes.

    I could pick up a second bike and this would give me the front wheel and fork with an extra rear wheel for a future project

    The tires look pretty fat but do not have an aggressive tread pattern - looks like a decent road and light trail tire.

    Should I keep looking, or would anyone consider this a good find?

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