I'd appreciate an opinion. My Mrs has cashed a bond and is willing to buy a trike for me. As I've previously stated, my 220v MIG machine is not up to the challenge, I've done everything I know to try to rehab it to no avail. She will not go for a welder and a home built trike at this time. I will have to get a welder on my own dime (3 times displaced in the last 5 years, computer / network tech), I'm a kept man for the moment. I am looking at the Performer JC-20, JC-70 and JC-26X models. I will not be road biking in Wichita as the cagers here are killing motorcyclist in record numbers anymore and I'll not share the road with them. (I ride a Honda VLX600, a small cruiser, 69mpg). This part of the state is quite flat, no hills or at least very long inclines so I am assured of easy rides, neighborhood, area parks and bike paths. I'm 61 and twice a heart attack survivor. When I asked my cardiologist what would be the best exercise for me he stated "one that you want to do". I want to trike. Will someone please have a look at the offerings I've listed and give an opinion? I've only seen one rider in the last three months and he recommended a suspension model. What say you?