I have just 4 welding classes left. My welds looked like crap until I showed my prof the picture of the loderunner so starting today he brought in a smaller flux core welder not the big industrial mig welders the rest of the class needs. He said he thought about it and really felt I was wasting my time and since I paid for the class and I want to learn to weld I should learn with the machine I prob will use. The rest of the class are professional welders and are taking the class to get another certificate so they can charge or get paid more. I am the only newbie.

I will be getting the first alotment of my student loan and I am going to buy myself a new puter, printer and supplies and with some of whats left I will be buying some of the supplies the first of next month. and should be able to get the rest next term and statr building this summer maybe spring time but I may be overloaded that term and school does come first.

After I buy my computer system I should have enough left over to buy some of my material for the bike. Prob mostly tools and materials next term.

Well that it for now i tried saying something a liitle while ago but i dont think it went through so thanks to every one and you all will be hereing from me more often the first of next month