I have been thinking about putting a different kind of seat on my next build, which will probably be either a Meridian or something like the HighRoller. When I first built my DW, I put the standard seat from the plans on it. Later I switched to a mesh seat, which I thought was more comfortable and looked better.

I really like the way those slim carbon (too expensive for me) and fiberglass seats look in the high performance Rans bikes and other high racers. Has anyone ridden one, and are they comfortable? There is even an inexpensive wooden version here:


Another inexpensive version was posted by someone that looks cost effective.


I have heard the seats on bikes like the Gold Rush are comfortable, but they cost way too much, and I have finally admitted to myself that even if my bike isn't fast, I want to to look fast


So, those of you that have ridden some decent distances on a recumbent (20+ miles). What type of seat do you have, and how do you like it? What seat is the best bang for the buck in the looks and comfort department?