I have a few more questions I hope can be answered simply.

Will one of those $100 welders from WalMart work? I live in a ground floor apartment and need something I could just plug into a regular outlet, or else I need completely new suggestions on a welder.

I have NO experience welding - for use on the bikes, etc., is this going to be difficult to learn? What types of practice materials, perhaps how-tos, etc., will I need?

I'm 6'2" and 350lbs., so from my previous postings on this and another bike I get the impression I should use at least 2" 14 gauge tubing, double walled rims and 3/4 to 1" axle (I'm kinda leaning towards 1" just to be a on the safe side). With the corresponding change in pillow blocks, I assume I should also make the plates the pillow blocks mount to of a heavier gauge as well. What other types of additional reinforcements, etc., would be recommended?

Since I am a big guy, will I need to make adjustments (perhaps move forward?) the steering mount to avoid it hitting me in some sensistive area?

I am on Social Security Disability and have a bad back, so my income is VERY limited. I hopefully will have the money in September to buy the plans I am looking at and then go from there. If I need to build a bike in stages for finacial reasons, what is the best way to protect my work to date from any type of rusting, etc., until I get back to it again?

Thanks for helping an old guy out!!