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Hi Ashman,

200km a day is far, but you will have support, so that is possible.
I agree with Dan to lower the weight.
This makes that you can come further on a battery but not only that, the battery has it less heavy.
You need by more weight a stronger 250w motor ells your motor will have it to heavy.
Batteries are an other story. You must see what voltage you take and count that as they say that you can ride 100 km with one battery, that the distance will be lower because of the weight and that you probably set it higher than the lowest setting where they base there dustance on in most cases.

What are the rules there? Here your 250w motor may only suport you till 25km/h max and above that, stop giving suport.
As you want more, than you need to get your bike registered. You get than a little licence plate and need to wear a helmet. Still it's not allowed to go over 30 in the city and 40km/h outside the city.

Thanks Emiel, yeah same laws here mate.