Hi Ash

The weight of what you are planning is getting more than slightly heavy. Unless you have a specific need to carry stuff, there are advantages in travelling light. Try a Google for "Bicycle Touring Pro" and you may get some ideas.

Now, the Australian rules. Pedelec requirements are a total maximum output of 250W, maximum speed of 6kmh without pedalling, above that, no assistance without pedalling, and assistance must cut out at 25kmh. Anything that does not meet those requirements is illegal - whether the motor is being used or not. Get that bold print. You don't get booked in a car at normal speeds just because it is capable of going much faster. The Bafang BBS01 can be set, without modification, to 40kmh assist. I try and avoid using roads but one is riding on the road if one crosses a road.

I have not seen specific mention but I would expect that the 250W maximum output requirement would include that which is on the trailer. Otherwise, let's all build trailers and get around it. Another word of advice is the VicRoads view that, "We don't make the rules, we only produce them!" so, don't expect too much law interpretation from them.


Kevin - VK3CKC

The road rules are under review at the moment regarding "innovative vehicles", electrics, etc., but don't expect any new privileges.