I've run out of usable space.

The inside of my existing shed/shop/storage building, is so cluttered,
it's depressing to keep moving everything around.

I've lost track of parts, tools, and ....well just about everything.
Much of my donor pile is either rusting away, or it's getting taken away.

So I finally made the decision, to spend $$$$, to have another shop made.
The build will happen Feb 25th and 26th.

I've built 4, 10' x 12' sheds, but this time I'm having it built.
I will turn the now existing shop, into strictly storage, and one end for painting.

The new shop will be 16 ' x 24 ' (384 sq ft), with double doors and no windows.
I will have a couple of sky light vents for basic lighting and ventilation.
I will do the electrical, for the lights and outlets.

Because it will have a wood floor, I will be installing 256 sq ft of sheet metal, in the central (build area) of the floor,
I will make and use portable welding blankets, for side protection.

For storage, I'm building 4' x 16' overhead lofts on each end. And possibly a 8' x 16' loft over the center build area.
There will be a space for my desk, (coffee pot) new work benches, and specific places for my drill press, grinders, compressor,
tool boxes, welder, and finally a walk around work table/bench, etc.

Below you will see the area adjacent to my existing shop, where the new shop will go.
I've been cleaning, clearing and leveling, for the up coming build.
The dead tree has to come down. The stump can stay as it doesn't interfere with the new shop.

The tree is down, and the company owner has verified my site is leveled correctly.

Watch for an update as the build is happening.