After looking ad the design of the warrior trike, I decided to make some changes. Ad first I wanted to change more, but the way it is on the warrior trike was easier to build without needing a lot of tools.
The parts that where harder, I changed.
The arms for the front wheels is now one straight bar and the angle of the bar under it, is a bit more going up.
The 19 inch where the back of the seat is mounted on, is a bit shorter and under an other angle.
This all made, that I can use an other seat. It will be from round steel pipes.

For the front I will use this.

I have a bike part, but this is way easier. I tried it with the bike one, but that one is full of holes and needs a lot of work.

The steering will also be different. I don't have round pipes, so I use the 40x40 and close it with thicker plates and put in there the 30mm holes.
It's also easier to mount to the frame than the round ones. I only need to give the wheels a bit more space by moving them a bit further away.

I ad direct steering and something to mount bags on the back.

I get the last parts of the drive train this week. The steel end of this month all cut on the right sizes where it was possible and under the right angles. Some I cut my self so I can make changes.

I was thinking of a glasfiber seat, but 85 euro plus the same amount for the soft part was a bit to much for now.
But maybe I change the seat later.

I will ad some extra parts to make the frame a bit more stiff.

I can't wait with starting to build.
I start when the steel is in and than it will go fast because I let some parts be made for me. I don't have the tools to make it all and the steel factory is helping me with that.

9 gear in rear and 3 in front.
Dual break handle with lock and a single one with lock for the rear. Pedals for bike shoes and one flat side so I can choose.
I paint the frame white with black and a bit red.

I post some images as I start building.