I started my original post years ago so I thought I should start a new one since I've restarted work on my trike. I am at a roadblock and maybe someone out there can give me some advice. I am at the phase where I'm placing the brake adapter with disc and freewheel adapter with disc on the drive shafts. The right wheel is a no brainer and I can place the adapter with the rotor centered between the legs. My problem is with the left freewheel adapter. If I place it with the rotor one inch away from the leg, it is then too far to the left for the caliper support legs to be welded to the vertical frame member. I would have to weld something to the side of the vertical member and the weld the caliper supports to that. Anyone else run into this problem? It's really important because after positioning I have to drill the hole through the axle to lock down the freewheel adapter. Should I move it more to the left? Or weld something to the vertical to get something to support the brakes. Also I'm assuming position is important because the freewheel also has to be in the right place for chain routing and I will also need room for the derailleur mount too thst has to use some of the spacing between the horizontal legs. Any thoughts?