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Emma, sorry for the unclarity, they were 2 seperate questions.

1 The plans say to make sure the rear triangle has 2 inches of clear travel to the seat tube. The spring which came with my rear triangle has 4 inches of travel. Do I still need 2 inches of travel and set the suspension to the hardest setting? Or keep more space for suspension travel? In the latter case, do I need to build it higher from the ground?

So, I use the same tire sizes as in the plans, 26" in the rear, 20" in the front, the question is about the long suspension travel my rear triangle has.

Second question is what tire size will fit the rim which is now attached to the hub. I already found some answers on google for that.

1 , As the rear triangle swings in a different arc to the mounting point you need enough clearance for the spring not to foul the seat support tube ( common problem with sprung rears )

2 , depends on the rim generally about 25mm -28mm on a 26" metric wheel a 1.5" to 2.1" tyre will work ( check clearance before you weld )
front again 1.5" to 1.95 " -

The narrower the tyres the twitchier it will be : - there are some nice slicks available ( durano ) or something more durable like marathons.

word of warning 26 x 1.5" is NOT the same as 26 x 1 1/2 "

Good luck on your build .