I sure know what it's like to feel like a slug or a sloth after winter, even with no snow.
Today was the first full sunny day since September. Sure was nice.

Why is riding over Brad? No roads, trails, or open spaces, or just no time. Or is it just winter ?

With all of the other wild rides you have made, there must be something to be built that can be ridden or at least pedaled.

What about a small pedal powered tractor? Just to pull around feed or tools. Doesn't need to go fast, just have good traction.
And pull a small trailer.

I've had one of those in mind for several years, long before ever finding AZ, just haven't got to it yet.
Also wanted to equip it with a flywheel after the pedals but before the needed gear down for slow speeds with pulling power.

That idea came from the friction wind up toys that we had as kids. Wind em up by pushing them on the floor, and then let em go.

Kinetic energy, to help move over the bumps and soft spots.