http:// verses https://

https:// has been used for financial and secure transaction for years. It means your computer and the website have encryption that no one can see while your transmitting or receiving information to your computer. The information cannot be capture and decoded as there is a hand shake created by the computers to prevent that. Typically you have to sign in to the website to get that handshake. And it starts where you put user name and password.

http:// anyone with the proper equipment can capture the the stream of information from your computer to the website and read what is being said in either direction.

Some countries do not allow https:// as they monitor their citizen. And as this is a world wide forum. https:// would not allow us to communicate as freely as we do. Or at least that is my previous understands of the 2 methods.

HTTP means HyperText Transfer Protocol the "S" just means secure or encrypted.
Hope that clears up the understanding.