Hi all,

my first delta build, I've opted for 20mm axle (maybe a bit of overkill but I'm going to run with it as I have all the bits).

I've got my pillow blocks and 20mm axle collars - which are machined exactly 20mm.

The 20mm cold rolled steel axle rod arrived today but I've discovered the steel rod is 20.16 mm so the collars and pillow blocks won't fit.

Wondered if this was normal, that mild steel rod is never exactly 20mm? I guess the pillow blocks have to be exact but for most welding applications I guess people would not even notice that the rod was not exactly 20 mm but was 20.16

I've started filing the rod with an electric sander and hand file but if anyone knows a better way.

Ohh and I can't take the rod back as it was free.