My wildkat variation is coming nicely. The flux core MIG (Thanks to Nate B for the loan) is a super simple setup, but I miss my old monster watercooled TIG. I hope to be able to use TIG at work to touch up the welds. The frame is not yet trussed, my eye want rear mixte type stays to connect the rear dropouts to the top tube rear end.

The bottom bracket is 17" above the ground, higher than standard. we have some fun sandy off road trails around here, I hope to take this on them.

Seat fab is next, this has been very satisfying so far. The wheelbase is 72", I'm 5'10. This will have front and rear rim brakes, and 12V 3 cell lithium powered rear flashing "triangle pattern" hazard light and separate 12V Li powered headlight, using 2.2 AH model airplane batteries. A rear rack/fender/tailcone trunk is planned, the frame has bosses for the rack.