Greetings Street Fox enthusiasts. I would like to share my experiences with this build.
Not only is this my first DIY trike but also my 1st post here on the forum.
I purchased the AZ plans on June 16, 2017. Although somewhat intimidated by 125 pages of instructions we pressed the GO button and started the project.
Our main donor bike was a Wal-Mart type mountain bike bought 2nd hand.
Its the 26" Hyper Shocker bike (paid $70)
All the steel tube was purchased from Metals Depot (about $100 USD)
A comfortable ride was a must and the seat is pretty important. I ordered an office chair sight unseen from staples with a mesh back and hoped for the best. (went on sale for $80).
Although its heavy, so am I and its very comfy .

Much information was gathered from this forum in adapting disk brakes and other tech tips.
Thanks Twinkle and Savarin...

The power system is a Bafang BBS02 750 watt mid drive powered by 13s 16 amp hr LiOn battery. It provides 52 volts DC and is plenty powerful. Max speed is set at 20mph and I have limited the power output to the legal output of 750 watts.

I do love the ability to tinker with the design. Trying out new ideas. Keeping the good and grinding off the bad. !!

We are real close to the paint going on. YEAH !!!!!!!

Here are the pics at Google Photos.

Thanks for looking..