i am in the process of starting a new build and because of the access has to be as short and light as possible aluminium is out, cant weld it so has to be steel it also has to be a tadpole as my delta is stuck in the shed its to long to go around the corners and i also want suspension on it hence a tadpole, it would also mean i can tow my wheelchair alot easier .my concerns are two part the 1st is how much can a chain bend before it snags if anybody has any info would be helpful the2nd is has anybody succesfully used the crank bearings as the rear triangle for the rear suspension i do have other ways around this problem but this seems the easiest i have thought about having seat steer but im heavier one sid because of missing leg so was thinking of possibly a twist steering model with the crank turning to aid steering or moving crank sideways i.e left to turn left and so on any help would be gratefully received thanks