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    Default Re: Gear Ratio Inquires ?????????

    I think that might be the problem at the moment i think the front sprocket is way bigger then the intermediate think the front is a 48 tooth and rear is 36 or something i would have to dig it out of the snow to find out but i do have a set of larger rings for the rear i can add them when the summer hits. This info was exactly what i was looking for before the summer hits to finish it. My bike used 2 part bikes and when i welded it together i left the whole rear end of the 2nd bike on it so it has the bearing assembly for the crank arms at the back so i figured id save on the wear of the chain by splitting can in 2 parts + with my rear having a 11 speed chain on it it kinda makes it relay expensive to run 1 full length of chain. Basically what i did was cut the peddle arm of the rear and bold the sprockets to the 3 speed chain ring with 2 of same/ 11 speed chain where i live is like 40+ per chain length.
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