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I wend ahead with that sleeve idea, it seems to fit great :

The hb-m758 hubs are through axle hubs , they have an integrated 15mm ID hollow axle, and the bearings are of the same type as direction bearings :

I rolled 0.5mm aluminium sheet, keeping the plastic protective as an interface between the 14 mm HT bolt and the aluminium sheet, so hopefully it may serve as a barrier against galvanic corrosion too. Pictures here : https://imgur.com/a/GiCZgsc

The fit is really snug and it is quite hard to push the bolt and sleeve inside the hub. There is nowhere the aluminium sheet can go outside the hub, so I don't think it can develop play. It feels very secure. Time will tell !
If it turns out that it stands with time, it will be a really cheap hub solution, as I had the hubs for 15 € each, plus 1.5 € for the 14mm 160mm 10.9 bolt, and a piece of scrap aluminium sheet ( 100 x 44.5 x 0.5 mm if someone ever wants to try the same )
Is there a Shimano part number for the assembly including the thru axle shown?