I know I'm asking questions all over the place at the moment but still trying to decide what I want to build! I love the look of the Gladiator but the single speed just wont cut it round where I live because of hills ect. So I've been looking at the drivetrain from the DeltaWolf and wondering if there's any reason I couldn't use the rear end design and drivetrain from that but build the rest like the Gladiator? I'd still use wide wheels like the Gladiator so I know it's not going to be a speed machine but think it'd be far more useable than a single speed would be. I'm guessing it'd be a case of making the wheels and back end then building the rest off that, eyeballing what looks good rather than working off the plans. The way the plans are written seem to encourage this sort of thing by being detailed and rather loose at the same time! I also think being able to have a disc on the back would help stopping something like the Gladiator with it's extra weight Any thoughts would be great.