I just received my plans for a Street Fox Trike and will start t order parts. I did look around on the forum for some answers, but very time consuming to find answers.

First of all I have built airplanes so this is not new to me. i am planning on building three street fox trikes. (Wife Daughter and myself) for some road trips.
Maybe two of them electric. I found a nice electric bike at Walmart that would be easy to use as parts as the motor is just bolt on. I want to to build these out of Chrome moly. and was just wondering how long a piece I would need for one bike. (All riders are 5'-5"). Also It is going ot be hard to get 2" chrome moly. Will 1"-3/4" do? or is there a recommendation out there. Has anyone built one out of chome moly that can give me some insight.

Also I have plenty of heavy BMX bikes but not with the 9/16" axle. At least 36 spoke rims. I saw the DIY on the hubs but it was for a rear axle on a trike. Is there a tutorial for the front hubs as well using the heavier bolt? or can I just buy a different hub for my wheels?

Thanks for any help that comes through. I need these done pretty quick as the summers in North Dakota are rather short.