I bought a used Lightfoot Traveler (image here) last year, and not only do I enjoy it, my back thanks me every time I go out on that rather than the mountain bike. My only problem is the dogs give me the saddest eyes when they see me leaving the house without them. Logically, the next plan I had was to look for a used Lightfoot Greenway or Courier, that has a shelf in the back for a dog! (image here).

Too bad I got that idea last year, because Lightfoot closed up shop, and I have yet to find another recumbent bike company to make something comparable.

However, Google has led me here, and I found and purchased the plans for the AtomicZombie Loadrunner. I'm reading over the plans, thinking I should just quit shopping for a used bike, instead it's smarter to invest some time and build the perfect bike for dogs and I.

I assume it should not be too difficult, as I can replicate the front end of my Lightfoot Traveler, and possibly use the Loadrunner plans to build the back end, getting me the perfect bike. Looking at the Loadrunner, the back end is a single axle, just like their lightfoot courier, which I think was used to make the exact bike I was hoping to find out there

I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to the actual bike hardware itself, and I already spent 2 to 3 hours reading other builds in the forum, and seeing quite a few people started out where I was, but stuck to it and got what they wanted.

Thanks for this forum, and website - my search for buying the right bike is over, now it's time to figure out how to build the right one.